The Playground

This is where the journey begins.
Every CELL contains a PLAYGROUND. The playground allows to create, display and promote owned NFT's. After connecting using an eth wallet, visitor are able to customize it as they please. - Insert owned NFT's and verify them on the blockchain. - Link content to a custom website or the OpenSea page. - Add 3D models using html code. - Upload videos and pictures. - Create custom links to share with friends and social networks. This way the visitors get directly to the playground of the cell. - Chose between a large variety of backgrounds created by The Cells Team or upload your own. - Zoom-in/zoom-out and limit any content to a specific zoom. - Link content inside the playground to create an interactive portfolio.
For orientation, you will be requested to sign a message to login. From here, you'll be able to select if you'd like to view the cells you own, check your citizen profile, and view cell stats.
Your citizen profile is where we've made it possible to share links and information about yourself, see favorites, and even see where users have visited! This can be useful for socializing as well as being able to facilitate sales of cells better! More info on this to be released later.
What we are showcasing next is called the map view. The map view is your portal to browsing your cells and other's cells. Here, you can view the map in in its entirety. On the map, users can see zones as well as individual cells. Zones are larger clusters of cells designated for projects or other various themes. We will be seeking further collaborations with other projects whom wish to have a designated zone.
You can modify the title of your NFT, the description, and you can also modify the preview image on the map in the settings. From the map view, you can read more information regarding specific cells as well as view the built in rarity scores + rank!
This is called the interactive playground. The playground is where users are truly free to express themselves and there is a wide variety of options. You can showcase everything from NFTs, videos, 3d models, and more! Below is a video showcasing some of the features of the playground mode. I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised with how much is possible with this project!
Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone who has joined the server and those whom have decided to purchase their very own cells. This project is still in its infancy and it is truly a humbling and amazing experience to see how many of you guys support the project. You guys will be rewarded along the way for your loyalty and we hope that you all will be pleasantly surprised with what's to come. Now that we are live, there's lots of work to be done! We're going to give you guys 110% because you greatly deserve it!