The project was developed with one thing in mind, a place where the visitors and owners can browse for NFTs in a better way, for this, Planet Earth was chosen to be the canvas. We envisioned a place where users can browse NFTs by flying through the planet looking at customized billboards art pieces made by its owners, where if one catches the traveler's eyes, that user can just access more from the owner by entering it. For this a map was divided into a collection of 4000 NFTs “Cells” that live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each cell is assigned randomly to the owner that mints them, and it comes with a predesigned set of attributes that provides them with different levels of rarity and value. Additionally each cell has a “playground” attached to it which can be accessed from the map and allows the owner to custom design each cell! Having Collaborations in mind we created some clusters of CELLS in different countries and called them “Zones” ; these zones are reserved to be themed and shared for specific NFT projects, this provides them with more visibility and options from the overall map. Cells from a Zone were removed from the pool used for assigning new random cells. Finally we believe in an interactive community so a Discord channel was set for users to participate, use as a marketplace, join events and more! You are welcome to build this community with us.

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