All the metadata is stored on IPFS using our own API trough Pinata. Any change made to a CELL and Playground its stored as metadata, every action its recorded. This allow us to generate a timeline of changes made to your CELLS and Playground. Imagine a time-lapse of your own playground. During the first phase, Cells NFT metadata and content metadata are stored in our database and served thru our API. You can change them as many times as you want and hit the refresh button on OpenSea to update it! But soon™️ you will be able to lock your Cells and make them immutable forever. That means that it's metadata and all of it's contents will be stored on IPFS. When a Cell is locked, we'll pay a little gas to update the metadata URI on the Cells Contract, so it points to the metadata hosted on IPFS. Our contract is designed so this can be done only once per cell. And voilá, your Cell metadata and contents will be locked forever. Whether you decide to do it or not, it is your choice!

*NOTE: Remember IPFS is a public network. Anyone has access to whatever you upload.

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